Monday, December 29, 2014

Rules For KRP Endurance Race

KRP Endurance Race
Saturday January 24th, 2014
Kozo Raceway Park

Qualifying : 5:00 PM

Race : 6:00 PM

Car Classes
  • Any Scalextric GT
  • Cars must be as RTR (Plastic wheels & gears, guide, motor, lead wire)
  • Any brand braid
  • Stock front tires, Any aftermarket rear tires.
  • Tires may not be glued or trued. Front tires may not be coated
  • Must have working lights for night racing.
  • Any Brand Daytona Prototype
  • Any Brand LMP2 (Open Cockpit)
  • Any motor up to 21,500 RPM ( Orange endbell, Yellow Flat 6, Piranha, etc.)
  • Any gearing, wheels, guide, braid, lead wire.
  • Any aftermarket tires front or rear.
  • Tires may be glued and trued. Front tires may not be coated.
  • Must have working lights for night racing.

Race Format
This will be an endurance length race with 5 minute heats. Total track time will tentatively amount to 2 hours. The format will change depending on weather we race as individual drivers or teams.
Each driver/team will race both classes for an equal amount of time, day and night. They may choose when to race each class. If teams are used, each driver must race for an equal amount of time.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Racing Review

Racing this week was on the Oval at Warrior Run Raceway. Drivers braved the snow and ice to compete on the 16'x6' track. The first class was Modern NASCAR, and was contested through heats, a consolation and a feature race. Finishing victorious overall was JJ at 295.20 seconds for 100 laps. Scott was right behind, at 300.60 seconds. An honorable mention for Mark taking the last qualifier spot with a 3rd place in the consolation race.

The Scalextric INDY class ran a 100 lap main event. Bryan, with his ground effects, finished first at 271.405 seconds. The rest of the racers competed without added down force. Scott finished in 290.448, Dean at 301.394 and Mark, with the last podium position, came in at 304.342.

Here are the results from this past week.

Modern NASCAR Heat Results
Scalextric INDY Results

S&S Speedway will host the next Thursday night round on December 18th, 2014. Classing racing will be the 1/24 H&R chassis. Speedway management has also informed me that the facility will be open Monday night for test and tune.

Friday, November 28, 2014

December 4th, 2014

This week we are going to race at Warrior Run Raceway on the 4 lane Carrera track upstairs. Racing will start at approximately 7:30. The track will be open on Monday night for test and tune at 6:30.

We will be racing the Carrera Can-Am cars as well as the Carrera GT cars. Being that we are going to race on a ferrous track, please make sure that your magnets are removed, and well easily be able to tell if they aren't.

All Carrera classes are to be as Ready To Run. That means the stock plastic wheels, motor and gears. Aftermarket tires, braid and lead wire are allowed.

Thanksgiving Invitational

Sam Sr., Tony, Chip and Mike T race in the 3rd heat
Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 marked by my count the 4th annual Thanksgiving Invitational at S&S Speedway. A little history for the race, it started as the Chicken Chucker 250 with JJ winning the event. C class cars were used. The second year, Hines Spotted Dick came on board for the Spotted Dick 250, and they remained the title sponsor for 2013 as well. For 2013, the race class changed to the 1/24 scale H&R chassis IMSA GTO cars were used. With the economy not really flourishing in the American Bread Pudding market, Hines Spotted Dick brought another British favorite along to help sponsor the race for 2014. Mr. Brain's 4 Pork Faggots Thanksgiving Invitational presented by Hines Spotted Dick became the official name of the event. Along with the name change the race organizers decided to change the car class as well. This year the Racer Sideways Daytona Prototype cars were chosen to compete.

John, JJ, Bill W, Evan and Sean marshal
The race format was also changed this year to be a team race. Each team had to use both drivers cars 2 times each, for each driver to race a total of 4 times. The race consisted of 8 heats per team, of 5 minutes each. Teams will be chosen by qualifying with the fastest driver with the slowest driver, the second fastest with the second slowest, and so on.

Qualifying began around 7:30 with all 12 drivers completing 5 laps, with the fastest lap counting for scoring purposes. When it was completed, the six teams were set. Scott and Mike T, JJ and Tony, Chip and Sean, Clem and John, Sam Sr. and Mark and Bill Wand Evan were the teams.

The racing began, and team strategy became the discussion as teams were looking for the most opportune situation. At the halfway point, JJ and Tony were in the lead with Scott and Mike T behind. After 20 minutes of racing, the finish order looked like this.
Finishing Order, Bottom left to top right.
Tony & JJ, Mike T & Scott, Sam Sr. & Mark
Clem & John, Chip & Sean, Evan & Bill W

JJ & Tony --------------- 300 Laps
Scott & Mike ---------- 294 Laps
Sam Sr. & Mark ----- 288 Laps
Clem & John ---------- 287 Laps
Chip & Sean ---------- 287 Laps
Bill W & Evan ------- 283 Laps

Clem & John finished ahead of Chip & Sean by position on the track.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Racing this week, Nov 3rd - 9th

KRP will be open Monday night at 6:30 for practice. Racing will be at S&S Speedway Thursday. We are racing Racer Sideways Group 5 and Vanquish Can-Am. See you all at the track!

Race Recap

Finishing Order
1st Evan, 2nd Tony, 3rd Mike M,
4th Bill, 5th Mark, 6th Sean, 7th Mike T
This past week saw some great racing action! Thursday night had old and new with LMP and Vintage GT. Racing was close in both classes with Scott leading Dean by one lap in Vintage GT and Dean edging out Scott and Sam Jr. by one lap in LMP.

Sunday was the first annual Bottom Feeders Invitational. Seven racers were in attendance, and a fairly strong field at that! Evan flexed his driving muscles in qualifying to run a fast lap of 7.993 sec.

The racing turned out to be very competitive, with 2nd and 3rd place finishing on the same lap, as well as 4th and 5th on the same lap.

The only driver to advance ahead of his qualifying position was Tony, Q'ed at 3rd, finished 2nd.

After the BFI we ran an IROC race including everyone that attended the event.

Vintage GT

Bottom Feeders Invitational Qualifying
Bottom Feeders Invitational Race

Carrera DTM IROC

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Update from Oval track, Information for this week

We had a good turnout for the first oval race night at Clem's. We were able to get in two classes, Scalextric INDY and modern NASCAR. The heat racing made things fun, and we even had a surprise winner in each classes. Clem won hist heat in INDY cars, advancing him to the feature along with JJ. Joe won his NASCAR heat, and advanced also. Those that did not advance ran in the consolation race. Scott and Dean transferred from the consolation to the feature for INDY cars while Dean and Bill qualified for the NASCAR feature race. The full score sheets can be found below.

INDY car race

Thursday, October 30th, we will be racing at Kozo Raceway Park. Classes for this week are LeMans Prototype 18k motor and our Vintage GT class.

LeMans Prototype 18,000 RPM
  • Any LeMans Prototype car, 1994 – Present
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Gearing is open

Vintage GT (pre 1966)
  • Any GT car raced before 1966
  • Motor limited to 14,000 RPM
  • Wheels must be similar to RTR
  • Tires must be rubber

On Sunday, November 2nd, KRP will host their 1st Annual Bottom Feeders Invitational. Bill W. will act as the organizing committee and will have already extended invitations to all eligible drivers. The BFI will consist of twice through 2 minute rotation. The cars are to be our 18k motor class. Everyone is welcome, and if there is enough interest, we will do an IROC race afterwards. The IROC race will include all drivers.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Racing Thurs., Oct. 23rd

Bill W., Tom 2, Mark and John practice on the Oval
This week, for a change, we will race on the Oval at Warrior Run Raceway. This is a joint effort between Kozo Raceway Park and Warrior Run Raceway managing and promoting the event.

The races will take a different format from our usual system, with Heat races, Consolation races and a Feature race.

Racing classes this week will be Modern NASCAR, Revell/Monogram Grand National NASCAR and Scalextric Dallara INDY cars.

As always, rules can be found in the top red banner to the right side, Car Class Rules

The Oval track will be open Monday, October 20th and Thursday, October23rd at 6:30 PM.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Recap from Sept. 25th

The Carrera DTM cars used for the IROC style 3rd race
This week KRP introduced a possibility for a new class, the Carrera DTM series. These cars are great in stock form, even with stock tires. In testing at KRP they were consistently running in the mid to high 8 second range, with an occasional low 8. These cars were used for an additional 3rd race, due to the swift completion of the regular classes. Included in this series of cars (pictured left) are the AMG-Mercedes C-Coupe DTM (yellow/red), the Audi A5 DTM (blue) and the BMW M3 DTM (black). There is an additional livery for each model available in the US, others available in Europe only.

KRP will attempt to run 3:00 minute heats for all classes moving forward, and maintaining records for each class as well.


This week was Stock class, allowing only tuning and tires. Dean brought his a game and finished 1st with 59 laps. Scott cam in 2nd with 57 laps, and Mark got a podium finish of 3rd with 56 laps. 1st through 6th had only a 7 lap difference.


The Modern class of NASCAR is usually a favorite of everyone. This week brought the best and closest racing of the night. With all 8 drivers within 5 laps and 2 3-way ties for position by laps! 1st was Scott with 59 laps, and Joe just edging out Dean and Tony for 2nd with 56 laps each. John had a strong finish in 5th with 55 laps, and Bill, Mark and Mike finished in that order with 54 laps.

Carrera DTM IROC

The IROC race was thrown together, and the cars were fast! 59 must have been the magic number for the night, with Scott in 1st place with as many laps. Dean and Tony for 2nd and 3rd with 57 laps, and John (55 laps) and Bill (54 laps) finishing out the top 5.

All scoring data can be viewed by following the links below.

Trans-Am - Stock
NASCAR - Modern
IROC - Carrera DTM

Next Week Racing

Racing will move back to S&S Speedway for the beginning of October. Classes being raced are from the Touring and Le Mans category. Rules can be viewed here. The Touring class will be SCX GT, which do have lights Dean, and the Le Mans class will be the 1965-1972 Vintage class. Hope to see you all there!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Racing Classes for Sept. 25th

Picture from GT Slots Scalextric North American Nationals2012
We will be racing the Trans-Am - Stock class and the NASCAR - Modern class.

Doors will open at 6:00, and racing to start around 7:30.

Rules can be found by following this link
Class Rules

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recap from Sept. 18th

The evening got off to a slow start with a few trailers pulling up in time to start the race. A new racer to KRP joined in the fun, and Mike had a very good first run on the track.

First race was the class, Mike made a respectable finish for his first race with 54 laps. Tony J had a brand new car, just losing the tie for 5th with 58 laps. John and Sean tied at 59 for 3rd place.

Next up, was the Carrera Can-Am class. Scott had some car issues, and only was able to compete in 2 heats. We had a 3-way tie for 3rd with Mark beating out John and Evan at 56 laps.

You can check all the stats by following the links below.

Can-Am - Carrera Results
LeMans - Results

Thursday, September 18, 2014

1/24 Trans Am 3 Legal Cars

Trans Am 3

(American Muscle Group)

2010-2014       Chevrolet Camaro
2005-2014       Dodge Challenger
2005-2014       Ford Mustang



Trans Am 3

(International Group)

2009-2013       Aston Martin Vantage GT-4
1995-1999       BMW E36
2001-2006       BMW E46
1997-2004       Corvette C5
2005-2013       Corvette C6
2010                Viper ACR-X
2006-2011       Ferrari 430
1995-2005       Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
2006-2009       Porsche 997 GT3 Cup

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall/Winter Season

First, Welcome back to all the racers! As the Fall/Winter Season begins to rev up, KRP will work with the management at S&S to provide the schedule as soon as possible.

Early season racing has begun at S&S Speedway last night, Thursday, September 11th 2014. The usual front runners showed their strength. The evening also included the return of some racers who had taken time away, Some longer than others, from the NEPA tracks.

The upcoming week, Thurs, Sept 18th will see competition at Kozo Raceway Park. The classes will be 18,000 RPM and Carrera Can-Am. The rules can be found on the master list here. Gates to open at 6:00 PM, racing starts at 7:30PM.

KRP will also be open on Mon, Sept. 15th at 6:00 PM for a test & tune session. All classes of cars are welcome.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Team Endurance Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to race Thursday night. We all had very fun night and great racing action on the track.

Congratulations to Bryan & Sam Jr. on the win! They were able to stay consistent every heat and maintain at least 1 lap advantage each time.

Qualifying places Scott with Tony, Clem with Joe, John with Dean and Bryan with Sam Jr. Sam Sr. opted to be an unbiased marshal to keep all teams at 2 drivers. Once each drivers QT were added together, the spread from 1st - 4th was 0.136 sec. total.

Clem & Joe came together for 397 laps over 60 minutes of racing. Scott & Tony came in 3 laps shy of 2nd  with 414 laps, while John & Dean finished with 419 laps. Bryan & Sam Jr. set a blistering pace and finished at 435 laps. Clem & Joe as well as John & Dean lead 4 laps each team, while Bryan & Sam Jr. lead the remaining 427. Bryan & Sam Jr. won 8 heats, John & Dean won 7 Heats, Clem & Joe won 2 heats and Scott & Tony won 1 heat.

Fast Laps;
Red - Scott & Tony, 7.898
White - Scott & Tony, 7.812
Blue - Bryan & Sam Jr., 7.731

Racing next week is at S&S Speedway, whit the H&R 1/24 Trans-Am, IMSA GTO and Vintage classes.

Qualifying Results

Race Results

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Team Endurance Series continues

Thursday June 11th, 2014 will be the second race of the Kozo Raceway Park Summer Team Endurance Series. After an exciting first race, and a very enjoyable format, KRP has decided to continue with this series for the remainder of the summer. The race and qualifying format is to remain the same, with the exception of  the breakout time, which is still to be determined if it will be used or not.

The cars to be used are Racer or Flyslot Daytona Prototypes

Daytona Prototype (DP)
  • Racer Sideways or Flyslot Daytona Prototype
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM, Flyslot may use stock motor
  • Motor must be inline mounted
  • Gearing is open
  • Wheels 17mm maximum, Flyslot with stock motor 15mm maximum

This should be an exciting series for us over the summer, the next class will be discussed Thursday night.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Cup Results

Starting Order
Mark & Clem (3rd) Dean & Bill (2nd) Joe & Scott (1st)
Thanks to the racers that were able to make it for the inaugural KRP Memorial Day Cup. Qualifying sorted out the teams of Scott & Joe, Dean & Bill, and Clem & Mark. The teams decided to extend the race, and use both team cars, 6 heats each. With the extended race, we went form 6 heats to 12 heats. Also after qualifying, management decided to handicap the fastest drivers, with a 8.200 second break out. Scott fell victim to the break out 12 times, and was unable to recover from the lost laps.
Finishing Order (Back to Front)
Scott & Joe 3rd
Bill & Dean 2nd
Clem & Mark 1st

The rest of the race panned out like this. Some strategy decisions made by the teams gave an interesting turn for the race. Dean & Bill decided to use the fast car first, and rode that to a heat win in white, with a total of 6 heat wins, the most of everyone. Both teams, Clem & Mark and Scott & Joe elected to start with the slower car. As the dust settled, Clem & Mark came back with 4 heat wins, while Scott & Joe were able to sneak in for 2 heats.

Again with team strategy, Dean made chassis adjustments, and had a flat tire to start the 11th heat. After looking through the data, it appears this is when the pass for the lead by Clem & Mark was made. At the midway point of the race, Clem & Mark and Dean & Bill were tied.

Scott & Joe were able to lead 1 lap, while Dean & Bill lead for 47 laps and Clem & Mark lead the most, at 374 laps.

You can review all the race data in the following links.
Qualifying Results  Memorial Day Cup 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

KRP Memorial Day Classic

Kozo Raceway Park is proud to host the Inaugural Memorial Day Classic. The race will actually be on Thursday night instead of on Memorial Day itself. Rules are going to be simple, and I would like to use this format for a summer points series.

All drivers will run 10 qualifying laps with their own car. They will be paired fastest-slowest, 2nd fastest-2nd slowest and so on.

We will run 5 minute heats, with each driver running 3 heats, exception to a 3-man team, at 2 heats each.

The cars will be any Group C or IMSA cars. The motor must be the 18k RPM H&R Blue Hawk, in inline configuration. The wheels must be 15 x 8mm, and have proper inserts. Tires for this race must be Gearing is open choice. Guide flag, braid and lead wire is also open choice.

Doors will open at 6:00 and racing will start around 7:30. With up to 18 drivers, 9 teams, we should be done before 9:45, easily. Hope to see you all at the track!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Past week, and upcoming events.

Photo from Overlook Hills Raceway, NSR GT Challenge

First, a big thanks to Doug for hosting the final race in the NSR GT Challenge series. The six races spanned from NJ up to NEPA, with 3 races in Philly. Everything came down to the final race with Dave D. edging out Scott K. by less than 1/3 a lap for both the race and series win! Great racing combined with the usual banter and busting made for a very enjoyable series. Congratulations to Dave and everyone else that was able to compete for overall points positions.

Revell/Monogram NASCAR
Coming up this week at S&S Speedway we will be racing Monogram Grand National NASCARs and 1:32 Can-Am classes.

  • Any 1:32 car that raced in Can-Am race series
  • No cars
  • Motor Limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Must race as RTR
Some examples of Can-Am cars
NASCAR Grand National
  • Revell/Monogram Grand National NASCAR cars
  • Motor may be either stock or limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Stock motor must use stock gear ratio
  • 18,000 RPM motor must use 11/32
  • Wheels 15mm tall maximum, 8mm wide maximum

Friday, May 2, 2014

1:24 Hardbody Racing

Clem marshals as Mark, Sam Sr. and John race Trans-Am
Clem (first car), Frank and Bill W. at the line
 First up was the Trans-Am class. Racing was tight with some close quarters passing. Everyone kept the cars tracking nicely and there was a minimal amount of nerfing. Heat wins stacked up like this, Scott (3), John (2), Bill (1), Sam Sr. (1). There were only two drivers to lead at least one lap, and that was Scott (56) and John (1).

The full results can be viewed here.

Next race was the '65-'72 Vintage Endurance cars. The vintage cars proved to be the best racing of the night, with very few mistakes. The race was drawn out due to timing and scoring errors, which were corrected. Scott had 3 heat wins with Clem, Frank, John and Mark 1 each. Four drivers were able to lead at least one lap this race; Scott (29), John (26), Clem (7) and Frank (1).

The full results can be viewed here.

Mark (Clem's Car) and Sam Sr. Mark marshals as Frank,
at the end of the heat John and Clem race Vintage class

Finally, the IMSA class was raced. Bill, Sam Sr. and John won 2 heats each with Scott winning the remaining heat. Three drivers were able to lead a lap; Sam Sr. (51), Scott (7) and Frank (1)

The full results can be viewed here.

Racing returns to S&S Speedway for Thursday, May 8th, 2014. The classes are Trans-Am stock and Group 5 18k spec. As always, the rules can be found at the top right of the blog.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Racing May 1st, 2014

Racing returns to Kozo Raceway Park this week with the H&R 1/24th scale classes. Please make sure your rear axles fit the template width 3.25". I will be checking for rear tire width, as well as overall car body width. The body width is to make sure we do not have two "large" bodies next to each other. This will help to facilitate clean passing. The 1/24 cars have been tested at KRP and we have run three of them at a time, so we know it is possible.

Hope to see you all at the track!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Opening Night on the Oval

Bill W. , Tom 2, Mark and John during practice
Tonight was opening night at the KRP Annex at Warrior Run Raceway four lane oval track. The haulers were plentiful with six teams bringing multiple cars each. The Modern NASCAR class ran well, most lap times around 2.8 seconds. Monogram vintage NASCARs also fared well, with great handling through the corners. The stock Scalextric Indy cars were last to hit open practice, but were one of the faster classes present.

There was a request for two test races, to break in the track. First up was Modern NASCAR, and bow was it a blast. Every driver was able to win a heat, and the racing was close. There was only an eight lap difference between 1st and 5th. Lap times were even across all racers, with the inside lane usually having the better over the outside.

Next up was a special request for Mark, the stock Scalextric Indy cars. Just like their 1:1 counterparts, a few cars managed to loose their front and rear wings during crashes. The action on track did eventually calm down long enough to see some good racing. In the last heat Bill W. in blue was neck and neck with Scott in white, and that lasted almost all heat long.
Wreck in Turn 1Warrior Run RacingOverview of track
brought ALL the cars out

Thanks to everyone who came out to shake down the track. Also, thanks for your patience with the maintenance crew during the early delay for electrical issues.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Week that Was, and the Week that Will Be

This past week say some tight racing in both the Vanquish Can-Am and Modern NASCAR classes. A lower car count made for a quick evening, with both races finished before 9:15!

John showed a major improvement this week, battling for the heat wins in all four lanes. Bill W. was on a leisurely stroll, shaking down his recent addition to the Watkins Racing stable, and had the best looking car on the track. Scott got the win, with Dean a close second.

Through perseverance and determination Joe knocked down the competition for an upset win. Sam Sr. had what looked to be the fastest car on the track, with Scott close behind. Only Sam would finish on the podium. Mark took his turn with a new car, and finished respectively for the maiden voyage.

Next Week, April 14th
Racing will be held at S&S Speedway, with Daytona Prototype and NSR GT classes.

Daytona Prototype (DP)
  • Racer Sideways or Flyslot Daytona Prototype
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Flyslot may use stock motor but Must use 15mm wheels
  • Motor must be inline mounted
  • Gearing is open
  • Wheels 17mm maximum
  • Porsche, Corvette, Audi or Aston Martin
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Gearing is open
  • Wheels must be 17mm
  • Tires must be rubber

March 1st, the series will return to Kozo Raceway Park with the 1/24 H&R classes. Just a reminder that KRP is only 3-1/2" lane spacing. The 1/24 cars will fit, we have tested them out before. There will be a tech inspection for rear wheel and overall width... The overall width is not a mandated size, though i would hope most of the cars are under 3-3/8", but will be used to determine which drivers can race next to each other, and which cannot.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Racing Returns to S&S Speedway April 17th

The Weekly Series returns to S&S Speedway this week featuring our Modern NASCAR class and Vanquish Can-Am.

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Timing and Scoring system

Thanks to Bill W.,Dean, Evan, Joe, John, Mark, Sam Sr., and Sean for putting up with the new timing system. Deciding to race the Carrera Group 5 Lighted class first proved to be an interest trial run for Race Coordinator. Some very interesting features allowed for some new information to be displayed of the race screen. Sam Sr. was able to arrive in time to race in the Trans Am Stock race, and we were glad to have him for his first slot car race in 4 weeks!!!

Carrera Group 5 Lighted Results
Trans Am Stock Results

Carrera Group 5 class started at dusk, finishing in twilight. The race started with Mark showing promise, leading 4 laps, and setting one of the faster laps at 8.999 sec. in white, finishing 2nd overall! Evan had a strong race closing out the podium at 3rd, with 1 lap lead. First place went to Dean, setting a blistering average pace of 9.585 sec. over all three lanes and leading 52 laps. The fastest lap times went to Mark in red, 9.018, and Scott in white and blue, 8.891 and 9.037.

The Trans Am class saw some more consistent marshaling and driving. Sam Sr. arrived in time to race, and I bet he is glad he did!!! Sam was untouchable as his Pioneer Mustang was on a rail leading 37 laps. Setting the fast laps in all three lanes, 8.882 8.282 8.532, and an average of 9.272. Finishing second was Dean falling just one lap short. Third was Scott who lead 21 laps, with Bill W. an honorable mention tied on laps, finishing 4.79 sec behind Scott.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Race Date at Kozo Raceway Park

This Thursday racing is at Kozo Raceway Park. The featured classes are Trans-Am stock and Carrera Group 5 lighted stock. The Carrera Group 5 class will race in twilight. Also, KRP will be using a new timing and scoring system this week. It is a new program all together and seems to have many useful and interesting features. If anyone is interested, it is Race Coordinator.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Carrera Can-Am
Racing this week is at Kozo Raceway Park. We have Monogram Grand National NASCAR and Carrera Can-Am. Rules can be viewed by following the link in the red bar at the top of this page.

Also, this Saturday is the 5th race in the NSR GT Challange series at Robert Holt's Ninco track in New Jersey. Sam and I expressed interest in going. I'm sure we will discuss travel Thursday night.

Next week is back to S&S Speedway for 1/24 H&R racing.

See you our at the tracks!
Monogram Grand National NASCAR

Friday, March 14, 2014

Upcoming Week and Events

The weekly series will remain in action at S & S Speedway for another week (March 20th,) due to scheduling conflicts, and Kozo Raceway Park will host on March 27th. All schedules on the blog have been updated accordingly. Remember that all rules can be found by clicking on "Car Class Rules" in the red banner at the top of the page.

Classes for Thursday, March 20th are as follows:
  • C-Class 18,000 RPM
  • GT SCX Lighted
Coming up, we have a 1/24 H&R race tomorrow, March  15th, at Speed Zone in Mt Holly, NJ. The Trans-Am and IMSA GTO class will be raced. Doors open at 9:30 AM, racing to start at 12:00. Sam Jr., Bill W., Clem and Scott are scheduled to participate, anyone else interested in going should let us know.
Also on March 15th, Doug is hosting an NSR GT practice race at his 4 lane 1/32 wood track in Philadelphia with his doors opening at 6:00 PM. This race will follow the same rules as the NSR race hosted by KRP on March 1st.

At the end or the month, March 29th, is the 5th race of the NSR GT series. It will be held at Robert Holt's Ninco track in New Jersey. The series allows each driver to drop their worst points race, and then adds the other 5. Currently in the point hunt is Scott, Sam Jr., Dean and John, with Clem, Bryan, Sam Sr. and Chip participation in at least 1 race. More discussion for travel arrangements will follow.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Thursday Weekly Racing

Through discussion with the management at S & S Speedway, a schedule has been decided for the upcoming spring series, Kozo Raceway Park will host every third week. This will ensure each main class will be raced at KRP, sub class to be determined the week before.

Schedule at Kozo Raceway Park
March 27th - KRP - NASCAR, Can-Am
Apr. 10th - KRP - Trans Am, Group 5
May 1st - KRP - 1/24 H&R Hard Bodies
May 22nd - KRP - Le Mans, Touring

Also, I have done my best to compile, in writing, our class rules. I have provided a link at the top of all of my blog pages called "Car Class Rules" This is all the classes I can recall at the moment, without the H&R listed because they are posted elsewhere.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Racing Feb. 27th and March 1st

Kozo Raceway Park will host the weekly racing this Thursday, 2/27. Classes will be 1965-72 LeMans and GT1. Both classes are limited to 18k RPM motors and 17mm wheels.

Also, on March 1st, KRP will host the 4th round of the NSR GT Challange series directed by Doug. I am still awaiting to hear form our traveling friends as to what time they will be arriving.  If anyone needs help with setup please let me know. The format will be 2 rotations through the 3 lanes for a total of 6 race heats per driver. Each driver must use 2 different cars (ex. Mosler and Auid, Mosler and Porsche, 2 Corvettes, Aston and Audi, Aston and Porsche)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

KRP to host Thursday Night Racing

On Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 Kozo Raceway Park will host for weekly racing. On the docket for this week is;
  • LMP
    Up to 18k RPM (Blue Hawk)
    Unlimited wheels, tires, guide, braid, lead wire, chassis
  • Vintage GT
    Up to 14k RPM (Jack Rabbit)
    Rubber tires
The track will be open at 6:00 PM

Friday, January 10, 2014

Race Date for NSR GT Series.

The 4th event in Doug's NSR GT series will be held at Kozo Raceway Park on March 1st, 2014 at 1:00 PM. Racing to start 3:00 PM.