Sunday, December 14, 2014

Racing Review

Racing this week was on the Oval at Warrior Run Raceway. Drivers braved the snow and ice to compete on the 16'x6' track. The first class was Modern NASCAR, and was contested through heats, a consolation and a feature race. Finishing victorious overall was JJ at 295.20 seconds for 100 laps. Scott was right behind, at 300.60 seconds. An honorable mention for Mark taking the last qualifier spot with a 3rd place in the consolation race.

The Scalextric INDY class ran a 100 lap main event. Bryan, with his ground effects, finished first at 271.405 seconds. The rest of the racers competed without added down force. Scott finished in 290.448, Dean at 301.394 and Mark, with the last podium position, came in at 304.342.

Here are the results from this past week.

Modern NASCAR Heat Results
Scalextric INDY Results

S&S Speedway will host the next Thursday night round on December 18th, 2014. Classing racing will be the 1/24 H&R chassis. Speedway management has also informed me that the facility will be open Monday night for test and tune.

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