Saturday, April 26, 2014

Racing May 1st, 2014

Racing returns to Kozo Raceway Park this week with the H&R 1/24th scale classes. Please make sure your rear axles fit the template width 3.25". I will be checking for rear tire width, as well as overall car body width. The body width is to make sure we do not have two "large" bodies next to each other. This will help to facilitate clean passing. The 1/24 cars have been tested at KRP and we have run three of them at a time, so we know it is possible.

Hope to see you all at the track!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Opening Night on the Oval

Bill W. , Tom 2, Mark and John during practice
Tonight was opening night at the KRP Annex at Warrior Run Raceway four lane oval track. The haulers were plentiful with six teams bringing multiple cars each. The Modern NASCAR class ran well, most lap times around 2.8 seconds. Monogram vintage NASCARs also fared well, with great handling through the corners. The stock Scalextric Indy cars were last to hit open practice, but were one of the faster classes present.

There was a request for two test races, to break in the track. First up was Modern NASCAR, and bow was it a blast. Every driver was able to win a heat, and the racing was close. There was only an eight lap difference between 1st and 5th. Lap times were even across all racers, with the inside lane usually having the better over the outside.

Next up was a special request for Mark, the stock Scalextric Indy cars. Just like their 1:1 counterparts, a few cars managed to loose their front and rear wings during crashes. The action on track did eventually calm down long enough to see some good racing. In the last heat Bill W. in blue was neck and neck with Scott in white, and that lasted almost all heat long.
Wreck in Turn 1Warrior Run RacingOverview of track
brought ALL the cars out

Thanks to everyone who came out to shake down the track. Also, thanks for your patience with the maintenance crew during the early delay for electrical issues.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Week that Was, and the Week that Will Be

This past week say some tight racing in both the Vanquish Can-Am and Modern NASCAR classes. A lower car count made for a quick evening, with both races finished before 9:15!

John showed a major improvement this week, battling for the heat wins in all four lanes. Bill W. was on a leisurely stroll, shaking down his recent addition to the Watkins Racing stable, and had the best looking car on the track. Scott got the win, with Dean a close second.

Through perseverance and determination Joe knocked down the competition for an upset win. Sam Sr. had what looked to be the fastest car on the track, with Scott close behind. Only Sam would finish on the podium. Mark took his turn with a new car, and finished respectively for the maiden voyage.

Next Week, April 14th
Racing will be held at S&S Speedway, with Daytona Prototype and NSR GT classes.

Daytona Prototype (DP)
  • Racer Sideways or Flyslot Daytona Prototype
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Flyslot may use stock motor but Must use 15mm wheels
  • Motor must be inline mounted
  • Gearing is open
  • Wheels 17mm maximum
  • Porsche, Corvette, Audi or Aston Martin
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Gearing is open
  • Wheels must be 17mm
  • Tires must be rubber

March 1st, the series will return to Kozo Raceway Park with the 1/24 H&R classes. Just a reminder that KRP is only 3-1/2" lane spacing. The 1/24 cars will fit, we have tested them out before. There will be a tech inspection for rear wheel and overall width... The overall width is not a mandated size, though i would hope most of the cars are under 3-3/8", but will be used to determine which drivers can race next to each other, and which cannot.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Racing Returns to S&S Speedway April 17th

The Weekly Series returns to S&S Speedway this week featuring our Modern NASCAR class and Vanquish Can-Am.

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Timing and Scoring system

Thanks to Bill W.,Dean, Evan, Joe, John, Mark, Sam Sr., and Sean for putting up with the new timing system. Deciding to race the Carrera Group 5 Lighted class first proved to be an interest trial run for Race Coordinator. Some very interesting features allowed for some new information to be displayed of the race screen. Sam Sr. was able to arrive in time to race in the Trans Am Stock race, and we were glad to have him for his first slot car race in 4 weeks!!!

Carrera Group 5 Lighted Results
Trans Am Stock Results

Carrera Group 5 class started at dusk, finishing in twilight. The race started with Mark showing promise, leading 4 laps, and setting one of the faster laps at 8.999 sec. in white, finishing 2nd overall! Evan had a strong race closing out the podium at 3rd, with 1 lap lead. First place went to Dean, setting a blistering average pace of 9.585 sec. over all three lanes and leading 52 laps. The fastest lap times went to Mark in red, 9.018, and Scott in white and blue, 8.891 and 9.037.

The Trans Am class saw some more consistent marshaling and driving. Sam Sr. arrived in time to race, and I bet he is glad he did!!! Sam was untouchable as his Pioneer Mustang was on a rail leading 37 laps. Setting the fast laps in all three lanes, 8.882 8.282 8.532, and an average of 9.272. Finishing second was Dean falling just one lap short. Third was Scott who lead 21 laps, with Bill W. an honorable mention tied on laps, finishing 4.79 sec behind Scott.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Race Date at Kozo Raceway Park

This Thursday racing is at Kozo Raceway Park. The featured classes are Trans-Am stock and Carrera Group 5 lighted stock. The Carrera Group 5 class will race in twilight. Also, KRP will be using a new timing and scoring system this week. It is a new program all together and seems to have many useful and interesting features. If anyone is interested, it is Race Coordinator.