Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Results from 2/25/16

After a very sad Thursday evening last week, racing resumed at Kozo Raceway Park. We picked up with the same classes which were Modern NASCAR and LeMans Prototype 18k.

View of the grid in no particular order
The NASCAR class was comprised of mostly SCX aero cars, some SCX Pro cars, and even one Scalextric COT. Highlights or the race were Joe B's lightning fast SCX Pro #14 Old Spice Chevrolet. It was a very close race with the top 7 positions separated by only 2 laps! The top two drivers, Dean and Joe B respectively, tied the total lap record of 60 set by Scott on 10/01/2015. The fastest lap record of 8.231 seconds remained as set by Scott on 9/25/2014. Drivers tied at 59 laps were, in order, Tony, Scott and Sam Sr. Sam Jr. and Bill made 58 laps. Mark was the highest finisher on his own lap of 56, while Mike T and Clem tied at 54 laps and John made 53 circuits to round out the field.

Marshmallow paces the LMP field
The LeMans Prototype 18k race was second on the card. A nice mix of manufacturers lined the grid for
some of the closest racing we've seen at KRP even though this race did not cover the record distance of 69 laps, set by Scott on 9/24/2015. The record lap, 7.520 seconds, was still intact though Dean attempted with the fastest race lap of 7.869 seconds. Sam Jr. lead the whole way to his 66 lap win. Dean was the sole owner of lap 62 coming in 2nd overall. Five racers finished on lap 61, in order, Sam Sr., Bill, John, Scott and Clem. Joe places 8th overall with 60 laps. One lap each separated the final three with Tony at 58, Mark at 57 and Mike T at 56 laps.

Racing for March 3rd, 2016 will be at S&S Speedway. We will race the following classes;
  • NASCAR Vintage Carrera
    • Carrera Historic NASCAR cars
    • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM
    • Must use 9/26,27,28 gear ratio
    • Wheels 15mm tall maximum, 8mm wide maximum
    • Tires must be NSR Classic with treads
    • Bodies may be slightly lowered
  • Vintage GT (pre 1966)
    • Any GT car raced before 1966
    • Motor limited to 14,000 RPM
    • Wheels must be similar to RTR, or sized for tires
    • Tires must be Ninco rubber