Sunday, December 18, 2011

Race Results 12/15/2011

First, I want to thank everyone for making a very successful night of racing. It was tough but we did manage to get in both races before 10:30 running 3 min. heats, Great job to everyone.

Even with the extended heat times the racing was still close with ties over a total of 21 positions between both races. Highlights of the night, Joe got his first, and second, KRP heat wins tonight in the Group 5 race, as well as Bryan with his first in the Can-Am race and backing it up with another win in the Group 5 race.
Scott and JJ had 5 heat wins each. Sam Jr., Tim and Frank had 3 heats each, Dean, Joe and Bryan 2 wins each and Jonathan, Sean and Sam Sr. finished up with 1 heat win each.

Race Results 12/15/2011

Overall Lap Rankings for KRP

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Race Results 12/1/2011

Sorry for the delay guys, been a little busy for the last week, but after a short delay... the results are up.
Most heat wins for the night goes to JJ at 5, Sam Jr. at 4 wins, Sam Sr., Scott, Dean and Dave at 3 a piece, Tim and Clem had 2 and Chip and Sean one win each.
Some very close racing in the middle of the pack caused lots of ties on the track.

Were back at KRP for 12/15... that's this week, with Stock Carrera Can-Am and Modified Fly Racing Capri/M1. Due to the amount of racers, 14+, we have been seeing, racing will start promptly at 7:30. If you are late, we will add you in to the rotation at the end if we can.

Thanks for coming out and we'll see you on the track!

12-1-2011 Race Results