Sunday, January 25, 2015

Raceing Recap

The past week had not only the weekly series racing on Thursday night, but also the Kozo Raceway Park Endurance Race on Saturday. Thursday night had a total of eight racers with the addition of Clem in the DTM race. The SCX Modern NASCAR class raced first, and the SCX DTM class raced second under the newly constructed stadium lights at Kozo Raceway Park.

The NASCAR class saw a first time winner with Joe edging out Scott by less than a lap for a total of 59. Finishing 3rd was Bill W. just ahead of Dean in 4th both finishing 58 laps. Mike T (54), Mark (51), and Bryan (50) finished up the field.

The DTM class was the inaugural night race at KRP and was found to be a little challenging to a few drivers.A three-way tie on laps at the top played out with Scott, Dean, and Bill W. finishing in that order with 58 laps. Congratulations to Bill W. for his second podium finish of the night! Joe and Mark finished 4th and 5th with 52 laps, and Mike T, Bryan, and Clem finished with 51, 49, and 47 laps, respectively.

SCX Modern Nascar Results SCX DTM Results

The KRP Endurance Race saw the track opening at 3:00 for practice, and racers started filtering in. With the final trailer pulling in just after 6:00 racing started around 6:45. With a timing and scoring glitch, there was a break in the action during the overnight heats, but all data was recovered and the race continued.

Finishing Order
Strategy became a big focus for all drivers with both a P2 and GT car to be raced. Both cars had to race three heats in daytime and three heats in nighttime. This was tracked to help everyone. Some interesting stats, three drivers completed their GT heats before moving to their P2 cars for the second half of the race. All drivers completed their first nighttime hear with their GT car. Highest lap count in nighttime for GT was 41, P2 was 45. Highest lap count in daytime for GT was 42, and 46 for P2. First place cover a distance of 7.783 miles. Lowest distance cover was 6.638 miles. Total distance covered by all racers was 65.657 miles.

Endurance Results
Endurance Car Tracker

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Racing the week of 1/18/2014

We have a lot of racing taking place this week.
Thursday night at KRP will feature the
inital lighting of the racing surface. The classes featured are SCX DTM (lighted) and Modern SCX NASCAR. Rules are very similar for both classes. Motors must be SCX RX 42-B, and you may use any SCX Pro parts. If SCX Pro parts are not available to you, parts of the similar type may be substituted, Ex. 24, 26, and 27 tooth crown gears. The pinion gear is limited to 9 tooth.
On Saturday, the 24th we have a Daytona 24 style race, with both Prototype and Grand Touring cars competing at the same time. More information can be found Here.

Doors open at 3:00 PM, which coincides with the start of the Rolex 24 at Daytona, Racing will start around 6:00 PM.