Saturday, June 14, 2014

Team Endurance Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to race Thursday night. We all had very fun night and great racing action on the track.

Congratulations to Bryan & Sam Jr. on the win! They were able to stay consistent every heat and maintain at least 1 lap advantage each time.

Qualifying places Scott with Tony, Clem with Joe, John with Dean and Bryan with Sam Jr. Sam Sr. opted to be an unbiased marshal to keep all teams at 2 drivers. Once each drivers QT were added together, the spread from 1st - 4th was 0.136 sec. total.

Clem & Joe came together for 397 laps over 60 minutes of racing. Scott & Tony came in 3 laps shy of 2nd  with 414 laps, while John & Dean finished with 419 laps. Bryan & Sam Jr. set a blistering pace and finished at 435 laps. Clem & Joe as well as John & Dean lead 4 laps each team, while Bryan & Sam Jr. lead the remaining 427. Bryan & Sam Jr. won 8 heats, John & Dean won 7 Heats, Clem & Joe won 2 heats and Scott & Tony won 1 heat.

Fast Laps;
Red - Scott & Tony, 7.898
White - Scott & Tony, 7.812
Blue - Bryan & Sam Jr., 7.731

Racing next week is at S&S Speedway, whit the H&R 1/24 Trans-Am, IMSA GTO and Vintage classes.

Qualifying Results

Race Results

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Team Endurance Series continues

Thursday June 11th, 2014 will be the second race of the Kozo Raceway Park Summer Team Endurance Series. After an exciting first race, and a very enjoyable format, KRP has decided to continue with this series for the remainder of the summer. The race and qualifying format is to remain the same, with the exception of  the breakout time, which is still to be determined if it will be used or not.

The cars to be used are Racer or Flyslot Daytona Prototypes

Daytona Prototype (DP)
  • Racer Sideways or Flyslot Daytona Prototype
  • Motor limited to 18,000 RPM, Flyslot may use stock motor
  • Motor must be inline mounted
  • Gearing is open
  • Wheels 17mm maximum, Flyslot with stock motor 15mm maximum

This should be an exciting series for us over the summer, the next class will be discussed Thursday night.