Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thursday Night and Racer Group 5 / Flyslot Double Header

Thursday May 28th, 2015

Thursday night brought out the die-hard racers, with only 5 competing. On the card for the evening was the Open Wheel cars, Scalextric INDY Dallara and Vintage 60's GP.

Racing first was the INDY cars. With the top 4 drivers leading at least 2 laps and a total separation of 3 laps across the field the racing was intense. Taking the early led was Scott running a median time of 8.856 sec., and would eventually finish 2nd to Dean by only a matter of feet, with 59 laps each. John led 4 laps on his way to 3rd place and 58 laps, while Mark finished 4th at 57 laps. Clem had some early car trouble, and switched from his Team Penske Marlboro car to the Danica Patrick Motorola to finish 5th with 56 laps.

Second on the card was the Vintage 60's GP. There were 2 classes on track, the faster with stock motors and the slower with 14k motors. Scott edged out Dean for the faster class 54 to 52. For the 14k class Mark took the win over John and Clem, 50, 47 and 45 laps respectively.

When the track settled, there was still enough time to run an IROC race, and KRP was able to provide some previously untested, or the KRP track, cars to be used... and no-one knew what to expect. The #14 in the red lane proved to be the toughest car to drive, while the #42 in white was the smoothest and the #29 in yellow was the fastest. With only a 6 lap separation and a same lap finish for 2nd and 3rd the racing was close. Scott made a strong comeback to take the win at 57 laps. Dean was able to sneak around Clem, who had the dominate run leading the most laps, and finish ahead on the same lap with 56. Mark led 9 laps to his 4th place run and John finished 5th for a total of 51 laps.

Scalextric INDY Dallara results
Vintage 60's GP results
IROC results

Sunday May 31st, 2015

Saturday saw the Double Header action of the Racer Group 5 and Flyslot Regional races at KRP. 6 local racers and 1 out-of-town invader battled on the 80' MFD track at Kozo Raceway Park.

Finishing order for Racer Sideways Group 5
Finishing order for Flyslot Classics
The Racer Sideways Group 5 race saw 4 different leaders, with a new track class record for lap time. All drivers raced in each of the three lanes, in a European round robin format. Scott set the new fast lap time in the white lane running a 7.382 sec. lap, which would eventually take him to the win at 180 laps. The other BMW M1 finished 2nd, driven by Dean, leading 18 laps at 175 laps total. Dan finished 3rd with 169 laps beating out John, who lead 12 laps, by 1/3 of a lap for the position. Finishing 5th was Bill who led 8 laps to his 153 lap total. 6th place belonged to Clem with 152 and 7th was Mark at 149 laps.

The Flyslot race saw Scott dominate leading all 176 laps to his 1st place finish. Dan, in only his first time at the track, had a strong run to finish in 2nd place, 166 laps. Mark rounded out the podium in 3rd with 160 laps. Clem took 4th with 158 laps, while Dean suffered controller problems during his 5th place run at 156 laps. Bill took home 6th place completing 153 laps and John crossed the line 7th with 151 laps. Fastest lap of the race was 7.526 sec. set by Scott in the white lane.

Flyslot Podium
Racer Sideways Group 5 Podium
Racer Sideways Group 5 results

Flyslot Classics results

Bill, John and Clem drive

Full field of cars

Heat finish Racer

Heat finish Flyslot

Friday, May 22, 2015

1/24 racing at KRP

 This past Thursday we raced at Kozo Raceway Park due to last minute conflicts with S&S Speedway. The racing was close with mostly one lap separation between places in all three classes. There was a nice turnout of cars in IMSA, Trans-Am and 60's GT. Some great looking cars were out there! Due to the close quarters of KRP's lanes the racing was tight and everyone had to be on their toes with passing, waiting and picking your spot... or the guy in front slipping.

The IMSA class raced first, with a nice battle between the Ferrari and Mustang in a few heats. The RAIN-X Camaro coming in just behind the #83 RX-7.
Next up was the Trans-AM race with the Watkins Racing, and their #7, finishing 2nd for the this class as well. The Kozo Racing #83 Challenger, titles "Captain Underpants" took the win.
For the 60's GT the #21 Ferrari of Joe Brandolino finished 4th and Clem O'Jevihck took 5th. The #92 Cheetah driven by Scott Kozokas came out of the O'Jevihck stable, and proved to be the top dog.
Results can be viewed at the following links.

IMSA Results
Trans-Am Results
60's GT Results

Next week racing is at KRP again, and it will be an open wheel night. Both the Scalextric INDY Dallaras and our Vintage GP class will race. As always the rules can be found at the top right of the page.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NEPA Regional Double Header

Kozo Raceway Park will host a Regional Qualifier Double Header for Racer Sideways Group 5 and Flyslot LeMans Classics . Track opens 11am for practice, tech and qualifying will start at 1pm, and the first race (Racer Sideways Group 5) will start at 2pm. The Flyslot LeMans Classic regional will start shortly after conclusion of the Racer Sideways Group 5 race. Race format will be 5 minute European round robin segments for each race on the 3 lane track.

Regional rules will apply, except drivers supply their own Piranha 21.5k/ yellow Flat-6 20k motors and tires.
Tires may be either Quick Slicks as per regional rules or Super Tires.
Acceptable Super Tires for Flyslot are 1007RC and 1008RC.
Acceptable Super Tires for Racer Sideways Group 5 are 1402RC, 1403RC, 1407RC, and 1408RC.

Rules for Racer Sideways Group 5 can be found in the first post HERE
Rules for Flyslot LeMans Classics can be found HERE

All racers are welcome! For more information email