Friday, November 28, 2014

December 4th, 2014

This week we are going to race at Warrior Run Raceway on the 4 lane Carrera track upstairs. Racing will start at approximately 7:30. The track will be open on Monday night for test and tune at 6:30.

We will be racing the Carrera Can-Am cars as well as the Carrera GT cars. Being that we are going to race on a ferrous track, please make sure that your magnets are removed, and well easily be able to tell if they aren't.

All Carrera classes are to be as Ready To Run. That means the stock plastic wheels, motor and gears. Aftermarket tires, braid and lead wire are allowed.

Thanksgiving Invitational

Sam Sr., Tony, Chip and Mike T race in the 3rd heat
Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 marked by my count the 4th annual Thanksgiving Invitational at S&S Speedway. A little history for the race, it started as the Chicken Chucker 250 with JJ winning the event. C class cars were used. The second year, Hines Spotted Dick came on board for the Spotted Dick 250, and they remained the title sponsor for 2013 as well. For 2013, the race class changed to the 1/24 scale H&R chassis IMSA GTO cars were used. With the economy not really flourishing in the American Bread Pudding market, Hines Spotted Dick brought another British favorite along to help sponsor the race for 2014. Mr. Brain's 4 Pork Faggots Thanksgiving Invitational presented by Hines Spotted Dick became the official name of the event. Along with the name change the race organizers decided to change the car class as well. This year the Racer Sideways Daytona Prototype cars were chosen to compete.

John, JJ, Bill W, Evan and Sean marshal
The race format was also changed this year to be a team race. Each team had to use both drivers cars 2 times each, for each driver to race a total of 4 times. The race consisted of 8 heats per team, of 5 minutes each. Teams will be chosen by qualifying with the fastest driver with the slowest driver, the second fastest with the second slowest, and so on.

Qualifying began around 7:30 with all 12 drivers completing 5 laps, with the fastest lap counting for scoring purposes. When it was completed, the six teams were set. Scott and Mike T, JJ and Tony, Chip and Sean, Clem and John, Sam Sr. and Mark and Bill Wand Evan were the teams.

The racing began, and team strategy became the discussion as teams were looking for the most opportune situation. At the halfway point, JJ and Tony were in the lead with Scott and Mike T behind. After 20 minutes of racing, the finish order looked like this.
Finishing Order, Bottom left to top right.
Tony & JJ, Mike T & Scott, Sam Sr. & Mark
Clem & John, Chip & Sean, Evan & Bill W

JJ & Tony --------------- 300 Laps
Scott & Mike ---------- 294 Laps
Sam Sr. & Mark ----- 288 Laps
Clem & John ---------- 287 Laps
Chip & Sean ---------- 287 Laps
Bill W & Evan ------- 283 Laps

Clem & John finished ahead of Chip & Sean by position on the track.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Racing this week, Nov 3rd - 9th

KRP will be open Monday night at 6:30 for practice. Racing will be at S&S Speedway Thursday. We are racing Racer Sideways Group 5 and Vanquish Can-Am. See you all at the track!

Race Recap

Finishing Order
1st Evan, 2nd Tony, 3rd Mike M,
4th Bill, 5th Mark, 6th Sean, 7th Mike T
This past week saw some great racing action! Thursday night had old and new with LMP and Vintage GT. Racing was close in both classes with Scott leading Dean by one lap in Vintage GT and Dean edging out Scott and Sam Jr. by one lap in LMP.

Sunday was the first annual Bottom Feeders Invitational. Seven racers were in attendance, and a fairly strong field at that! Evan flexed his driving muscles in qualifying to run a fast lap of 7.993 sec.

The racing turned out to be very competitive, with 2nd and 3rd place finishing on the same lap, as well as 4th and 5th on the same lap.

The only driver to advance ahead of his qualifying position was Tony, Q'ed at 3rd, finished 2nd.

After the BFI we ran an IROC race including everyone that attended the event.

Vintage GT

Bottom Feeders Invitational Qualifying
Bottom Feeders Invitational Race

Carrera DTM IROC