Monday, March 24, 2014

Carrera Can-Am
Racing this week is at Kozo Raceway Park. We have Monogram Grand National NASCAR and Carrera Can-Am. Rules can be viewed by following the link in the red bar at the top of this page.

Also, this Saturday is the 5th race in the NSR GT Challange series at Robert Holt's Ninco track in New Jersey. Sam and I expressed interest in going. I'm sure we will discuss travel Thursday night.

Next week is back to S&S Speedway for 1/24 H&R racing.

See you our at the tracks!
Monogram Grand National NASCAR

Friday, March 14, 2014

Upcoming Week and Events

The weekly series will remain in action at S & S Speedway for another week (March 20th,) due to scheduling conflicts, and Kozo Raceway Park will host on March 27th. All schedules on the blog have been updated accordingly. Remember that all rules can be found by clicking on "Car Class Rules" in the red banner at the top of the page.

Classes for Thursday, March 20th are as follows:
  • C-Class 18,000 RPM
  • GT SCX Lighted
Coming up, we have a 1/24 H&R race tomorrow, March  15th, at Speed Zone in Mt Holly, NJ. The Trans-Am and IMSA GTO class will be raced. Doors open at 9:30 AM, racing to start at 12:00. Sam Jr., Bill W., Clem and Scott are scheduled to participate, anyone else interested in going should let us know.
Also on March 15th, Doug is hosting an NSR GT practice race at his 4 lane 1/32 wood track in Philadelphia with his doors opening at 6:00 PM. This race will follow the same rules as the NSR race hosted by KRP on March 1st.

At the end or the month, March 29th, is the 5th race of the NSR GT series. It will be held at Robert Holt's Ninco track in New Jersey. The series allows each driver to drop their worst points race, and then adds the other 5. Currently in the point hunt is Scott, Sam Jr., Dean and John, with Clem, Bryan, Sam Sr. and Chip participation in at least 1 race. More discussion for travel arrangements will follow.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Thursday Weekly Racing

Through discussion with the management at S & S Speedway, a schedule has been decided for the upcoming spring series, Kozo Raceway Park will host every third week. This will ensure each main class will be raced at KRP, sub class to be determined the week before.

Schedule at Kozo Raceway Park
March 27th - KRP - NASCAR, Can-Am
Apr. 10th - KRP - Trans Am, Group 5
May 1st - KRP - 1/24 H&R Hard Bodies
May 22nd - KRP - Le Mans, Touring

Also, I have done my best to compile, in writing, our class rules. I have provided a link at the top of all of my blog pages called "Car Class Rules" This is all the classes I can recall at the moment, without the H&R listed because they are posted elsewhere.