Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Cup Results

Starting Order
Mark & Clem (3rd) Dean & Bill (2nd) Joe & Scott (1st)
Thanks to the racers that were able to make it for the inaugural KRP Memorial Day Cup. Qualifying sorted out the teams of Scott & Joe, Dean & Bill, and Clem & Mark. The teams decided to extend the race, and use both team cars, 6 heats each. With the extended race, we went form 6 heats to 12 heats. Also after qualifying, management decided to handicap the fastest drivers, with a 8.200 second break out. Scott fell victim to the break out 12 times, and was unable to recover from the lost laps.
Finishing Order (Back to Front)
Scott & Joe 3rd
Bill & Dean 2nd
Clem & Mark 1st

The rest of the race panned out like this. Some strategy decisions made by the teams gave an interesting turn for the race. Dean & Bill decided to use the fast car first, and rode that to a heat win in white, with a total of 6 heat wins, the most of everyone. Both teams, Clem & Mark and Scott & Joe elected to start with the slower car. As the dust settled, Clem & Mark came back with 4 heat wins, while Scott & Joe were able to sneak in for 2 heats.

Again with team strategy, Dean made chassis adjustments, and had a flat tire to start the 11th heat. After looking through the data, it appears this is when the pass for the lead by Clem & Mark was made. At the midway point of the race, Clem & Mark and Dean & Bill were tied.

Scott & Joe were able to lead 1 lap, while Dean & Bill lead for 47 laps and Clem & Mark lead the most, at 374 laps.

You can review all the race data in the following links.
Qualifying Results  Memorial Day Cup 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

KRP Memorial Day Classic

Kozo Raceway Park is proud to host the Inaugural Memorial Day Classic. The race will actually be on Thursday night instead of on Memorial Day itself. Rules are going to be simple, and I would like to use this format for a summer points series.

All drivers will run 10 qualifying laps with their own car. They will be paired fastest-slowest, 2nd fastest-2nd slowest and so on.

We will run 5 minute heats, with each driver running 3 heats, exception to a 3-man team, at 2 heats each.

The cars will be any Group C or IMSA cars. The motor must be the 18k RPM H&R Blue Hawk, in inline configuration. The wheels must be 15 x 8mm, and have proper inserts. Tires for this race must be Gearing is open choice. Guide flag, braid and lead wire is also open choice.

Doors will open at 6:00 and racing will start around 7:30. With up to 18 drivers, 9 teams, we should be done before 9:45, easily. Hope to see you all at the track!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Past week, and upcoming events.

Photo from Overlook Hills Raceway, NSR GT Challenge

First, a big thanks to Doug for hosting the final race in the NSR GT Challenge series. The six races spanned from NJ up to NEPA, with 3 races in Philly. Everything came down to the final race with Dave D. edging out Scott K. by less than 1/3 a lap for both the race and series win! Great racing combined with the usual banter and busting made for a very enjoyable series. Congratulations to Dave and everyone else that was able to compete for overall points positions.

Revell/Monogram NASCAR
Coming up this week at S&S Speedway we will be racing Monogram Grand National NASCARs and 1:32 Can-Am classes.

  • Any 1:32 car that raced in Can-Am race series
  • No cars
  • Motor Limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Must race as RTR
Some examples of Can-Am cars
NASCAR Grand National
  • Revell/Monogram Grand National NASCAR cars
  • Motor may be either stock or limited to 18,000 RPM
  • Stock motor must use stock gear ratio
  • 18,000 RPM motor must use 11/32
  • Wheels 15mm tall maximum, 8mm wide maximum

Friday, May 2, 2014

1:24 Hardbody Racing

Clem marshals as Mark, Sam Sr. and John race Trans-Am
Clem (first car), Frank and Bill W. at the line
 First up was the Trans-Am class. Racing was tight with some close quarters passing. Everyone kept the cars tracking nicely and there was a minimal amount of nerfing. Heat wins stacked up like this, Scott (3), John (2), Bill (1), Sam Sr. (1). There were only two drivers to lead at least one lap, and that was Scott (56) and John (1).

The full results can be viewed here.

Next race was the '65-'72 Vintage Endurance cars. The vintage cars proved to be the best racing of the night, with very few mistakes. The race was drawn out due to timing and scoring errors, which were corrected. Scott had 3 heat wins with Clem, Frank, John and Mark 1 each. Four drivers were able to lead at least one lap this race; Scott (29), John (26), Clem (7) and Frank (1).

The full results can be viewed here.

Mark (Clem's Car) and Sam Sr. Mark marshals as Frank,
at the end of the heat John and Clem race Vintage class

Finally, the IMSA class was raced. Bill, Sam Sr. and John won 2 heats each with Scott winning the remaining heat. Three drivers were able to lead a lap; Sam Sr. (51), Scott (7) and Frank (1)

The full results can be viewed here.

Racing returns to S&S Speedway for Thursday, May 8th, 2014. The classes are Trans-Am stock and Group 5 18k spec. As always, the rules can be found at the top right of the blog.