Sunday, February 23, 2014

Racing Feb. 27th and March 1st

Kozo Raceway Park will host the weekly racing this Thursday, 2/27. Classes will be 1965-72 LeMans and GT1. Both classes are limited to 18k RPM motors and 17mm wheels.

Also, on March 1st, KRP will host the 4th round of the NSR GT Challange series directed by Doug. I am still awaiting to hear form our traveling friends as to what time they will be arriving.  If anyone needs help with setup please let me know. The format will be 2 rotations through the 3 lanes for a total of 6 race heats per driver. Each driver must use 2 different cars (ex. Mosler and Auid, Mosler and Porsche, 2 Corvettes, Aston and Audi, Aston and Porsche)