Saturday, May 14, 2016

Racing for Thursday May 19th, 2016

After a trilling few weeks at S&S Speedway culminating with the 1/24 classes racing returns to Hanover Township at Kozo Raceway Park. Along with the two race classes we will be racing there is also a few classes under development. The fairgrung stockers, or bombers, are moving along and for clarification sake, will be listed under the NASCAR heading of the rules page.

We also have the 1970's Formula 1 class being looked at. As of now, it is still open to any manufacturer. Known brands are Fly/Flyslot, Polycar and Scalextric. There are many models available, though the Fly/Flyslot March 761 seems popular with the group. As of now, tire rules are under review with the possibility of using either silicone or urethane. If you have a 1970's Formula 1 car, please bring it with you on Thursday so we can try to compare performance. Pictured is a Scalextric Tyrell and a Flyslot March 761.

 Now on to the weekly racing classes. Up first is the Daytona Prototype 18k class. Remember, either Racer Sideways or Fly brand is allowed.
Second on the program for the evening will be Scalextric GT. We run these stock, but if you had problems with out of round wheels, you can run the appropriate size CBDesigns wheels. (17x8 front, 17x11 rear) The CBDesigns rear wheels take the same tires as the stock wheels. The fronts will need aftermarket tires. This class will be run as a night race, so make sure you bring a car with headlights!

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