Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thursday Night Racing Recap

This past week saw Group 5 and INDY Cars at Kozo Raceway Park. Racing was close overall, but especially in the INDY class, with everyone clocking a best lap within 0.5 seconds of each other.
Group 5 was first to the line, with a mix of manufacturers, including Fly/GB Track, Flyslot and Carrera with multiple models from each. The top two finishers fast lap were within 16 thousandths of a second from one another. Sean brought out some cool cars, and tried one on each lane, for a total of 41 laps. Joe B. completed 52 laps in his Carrera Ferrari 512 BBLM. Mike T. took his GB Track Lancia around 57 laps, and Sam Sr's fly Racing Capri made 59 circuits. With only 3 laps separating the podium it all came down to keeping it in the slot. Clem took his Fly Racing Capri "Rat Car" to 3rd place with 61 laps. Dean's Flyslot Ferrari 512 BBLM completed 62 laps for 2nd place, and Scott's Flyslot Ferrari 512 BBLM turned 63 laps for the win. Three drivers were able to lead laps, Clem, Sam Sr., and Scott.

Second on the race card for the evening was the INDY cars. Some cool custom paintwork was on display in this class, with Clem's Team Penske and Joe B's Andretti KMart cars. 5 laps separated the whole field, with Joe B. completing 55 laps. Sam Sr. made 56 circuits, and Clem and Sean were tied at 58 each. Scott edged out Mike T for 2nd place as both drivers completed 59 laps, and Dean took home top honors making it around 60 laps. There were 4 different leaders this race, Sean, Mike T, Scott, and Dean leading the most.

Next week, racing shifts to S&S Speedway for an H&R 1/24th scale race night.

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